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MI-AHMP Receives Distinguished Chapter Award !

The Michigan Association of Hazardous Materials Professionals (MI-AHMP) received a Distinguished Chapter Recognition Award for dedication and service from the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (AHMP) in 2016.

This award was achieved for actions performed by MI-AHMP during calendar year 2015. The Immediate Past-President of MI-AHMP, Julie Manley, applied for the award on behalf of the chapter and current President of MI-AHMP, Stephen Gorham, received the award on behalf of the chapter at the 2016 AHMP National Conference in Washington, D.C.

Chapter’s that are in good standing with AHMP can receive the award if they meet at least five of twelve eligible criteria. The criteria that MI-AHMP met in 2015 are shown below; how MI-AHMP met the criteria is also shown below, in italics:

  • Offer a CHMM exam review course. MI-AHMP offered the annual CHMM exam review course on November 4-6, 2015.

  • Produce and distribute to members and/or others at least one printed or electronic newsletter, minutes, flyer or brochure. MI-AHMP distributed a trifold brochure to prospective members at the 2015 Michigan Safety Conference. MI-AHMP also produced and distributed an electronic newsletter to the members.

  • Perform at least one community outreach project. Members of MI-AHMP participated in two youth science and engineering events as volunteer judges, those being the Engineering Society of Detroit – Michigan Regional Future City Competition and the Flint Regional Science Fair. At both events, the organization provided cash awards to select projects that touched upon hazardous materials topics.

  • Achieve media visibility for your chapter. MI-AHMP was recognized in a press release following the Flint Regional Science Fair.

  • Sponsor a professional conference with multiple presentations of at least one-half day in length. MI-AHMP presented the 2015 annual conference on March 19 at Clear University in Howell.

  • Attendance of a chapter delegate at the Chapter Development Committee meeting held at the AHMP annual conference. Julie Manley, then Vice-President of MI-AHMP, attended the 2015 Chapter Development Committee meeting on Sunday, August 30, 2015.

MI-AHMP has met these criteria for 2016 and intends to apply for the award again this year. Stay tuned!