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John McDonald Honored with Hazardous Materials Professional of the Year Award

The Michigan Association of Hazardous Materials Professionals (MI-AHMP) is pleased to announce that our very own John McDonald was awarded the Hazardous Materials Professional of the Year award at the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (AHMP) 2017 National Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.


AHMP President, Mike Maheux (left), presents the award to John McDonald (right)

John McDonald has served both MI-AHMP and AHMP in multiple capacities.  For MI-AHMP, his most prominent role the past few years has been to serve on the Board of Directors as Treasurer.  While doing an excellent job as Treasurer, John has also presented webinars and trainings, hosted and provided great insight at Board meetings, and represented MI-AHMP at conferences.

However, perhaps John’s most valuable contributions have been at the National level for AHMP.  Here are extracts from the award nomination letter, submitted by AHMP President Elect, Bruce A. Donato, regarding those contributions*.

It was a pleasure to work with John during the tumultuous transition period from a paid full time executive director to our current arrangement with an association management company. I am honored to be able to submit John for the Hazardous Materials Professional of the Year Award by AHMP and feel certain that he is more than worthy of this award…

John was the AHMP treasurer at this time and was meticulous on monitoring the budget with whatever information was provided him.  When the executive director announced his resignation, John did not bat an eye and immediately stepped up to keep AHMP liquid.  John still had to do his “real” job, was also the treasurer of his local chapter, and had AHMP treasurer duties to fulfill…

The AHMP vison says “AHMP is the premier global leader for hazardous materials professionals”. Without John, I am not sure that AHMP would exist today.

The AHMP values talk about trusted, ethical, transfer of knowledge, two-way transparent and frequent communication…John is the poster child for these values.

In addition to this one event, John is a well-respected Hazardous Materials Professional in his own right.  He is the Vice President of Client Services for the Arch Environmental Group.  He has been successful in remediation and redevelopment of contaminated sites.  I have heard on more than one occasion that he is a go-to kinda guy for this and other environmental needs such as permitting and hazardous waste management.

Not often does someone get something thrown in front of them that can impact thousands of people.  John did and he met it head on and succeeded.  The Hazardous Materials Professional of the Year Award would be a small recognition of what Mr. John McDonald III has done for the whole industry.

The next time you see John at a conference, I encourage you to thank him personally for his valuable contributions over the years.

* See here for a full version of the letter.