Why Become a MI-AHMP Member

One good reason is that it is recognized by employers as an indication of competency. For example, here is the General Motors training and certification policy for its environmental engineers.

“GM strives to have the best trained environmental engineers in the world. In order to accomplish this goal GM Worldwide Facilities will make available training that is necessary to enhance the capabilities and raise the professionalism of the environmental engineer. Included in this plan, there will be sufficient testing to enable GM managers and environmental engineers to measure progress toward this goal. Test results by themselves will not substitute for other methods of evaluating individual job performance. However, test results may indicate lack of competency in requisite areas, and in those instances, further training and improvement to a competent level in those areas would be expected.

“One of the goals of testing is to identify strengths which can be leveraged and to provide opportunities for improvements. GM Worldwide Facilities Environmental organization, in conjunction with the environmental engineer’s management, will provide additional training to address areas requiring improvement and to enhance the opportunity to succeed.

“Obtaining a nationally recognized certification such as Michigan Association of Hazardous Materials Professionals (MI-AHMP) will be preferred to enhance future opportunities for advancement.”